Yes, WeLink is hiring.

What is the job?

In a nutshell: Knowledge Worker.

At least in the beginning, you will be expected to attempt anything we give you to do. Because WeLink is a young, fast-growing company, you will be watched and tested to see where else you might best be applied. We're also an accredited training organisation, so we have lots of training material for whatever direction your work might take you.

It's a huge plus if you know your computer well, and spend more time on the net than watching TV. A huge bonus if you can show us something you've been thinking about, playing with, or working on.

A huge bonus if you can show us something you've been thinking about, playing with, or working on.

It is essential that you have a curious nature, a willingness to learn (and be tested), and the tenacity to go back to the drawing board and take it from the top.

Are you interested enough for an interview?

Please NO CV's, just a link to your Facebook/Linkdin profile (you know, for Name, Age, Blah-Blah) and an answer to the following three questions:

  • Where do you see untapped potential for a small company in Empangeni, using tech that's now widely available?
  • Why would it be a mistake to underestimate someone like you, fresh out of high school and all?
  • How would you change the way we do things here in Empangeni?
  • What was your least favourite learning subject in Matric?

You can send your answere to me, Dylan van den Bosch, via Facebook.

Try this out: Type in your RSA ID and move to the next item. Notice how it auto-populates your Date of Birth, Age, and Gender based on your ID number?



Good day Dear Visitor,

Please excuse the current sparse-ness of the WeLink website. At the start of this new venture, I have decided on focusing upon the needs of my current Clients and Leads.

Mostly I am using this site as a testing ground for their needs.

Click the following links if you want to see some of my recent work:

The Zululand Centre for Sustainable Development

Nam Jai House, Sushi and Thai Cuisine

Contact me at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or call on 0828256884

or connect on Skype through my username: Dylan van den Bosch

Go ahead, it's probably more affordable than You think!